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Below are the Events planned for the week of 4/14/14-4/20/14

Special Events

Monday (4/14)

Tuesday (4/15)

Wednesday (4/16)

Thursday (4/17)


Friday (4/18)

Saturday (4/19)

 Jousting tournament, Templars Jousting Grounds dim, 4pm.  link

Sunday (4/20)

Twin Lotus Den of Iniquity (dim) Masquerade, 6pm link

Recurring Events



FBU Tavern Nights- The Noble Badger


FBU Tavern Nights-  Azure Harbor, 5-8pm
PRIMUS! Dueling and RP, 7pm, Rivvka's Black Garden 'Primus' dimension (will be back to Thursdays starting next week)


FBU Tavern Nights-  Rustic Inn every other week. Play next week, 8:30pm.



FBU Tavern Nights- Noctilucent, 5-7pm


FBU Tavern Nights- The Broken Lance (Templar Jousting Arena) 6pm


FBU Tavern Nights-  Grand Hotel Bar, 6pm


FBU Tavern Nights-  The Cosmic Wino open 6pm


See forum thread for more info and signups here.

A contest sponsored by Rift Dream Dimensions!


Dream Destination Celebration with Trion

Published On November 18, 2013 | By Kiwi | Party Animals Unite!

Like to party? Live to dance & drink and be more than merry? Enjoy gathering loved ones or go out of your way to meet that someone special?

The festive season is upon us and to enjoy it as much as we can for as long as we can Rift Dream Dimensions has teamed up with Trion to celebrate with you into the New Year and beyond with sensational prizes that will make your season of cheer more than cheerful!


"Dream Destination Celebration” is a Dimension building extravaganza encouraging you to take us all on your Dream night out! Maybe you’ve already experienced it or maybe you have always wanted to? Perhaps its somewhere exotic you can only imagine or maybe you want to bring us all somewhere local or in game?

Kiwi has managed, dined, cheered, danced and indulged in bars all over the world so  along with a team of select Judges they are going to draw from their own experiences and her expertise as an event and bar manager searching for that drinking, dancing and dining experience that’s simply unforgettable.

How well can you recreate a global or fiction bar venue worthy of super star prizes to also possibly appear in a final three livestream with Trion on January 17th 2014?


  • Build a complete Bar, Dancing & Dining experience – Dining is optional
  • Only personal Dimensions may be used
  • There is no capacity or item restriction
  • Only 1 person per entry by owner of Dimension
  • Entries Close Friday January 3rd
  • All entries must be open to public by Friday January 3rd – please ensure to +1 for public view
  • All communication for this contest will be held here at Rift Dream Dimensions




First Place

  • Custom Named Dimension item: _____’s Hailol Wine Fountain
  • A copy of this item
  • 15,000 credits
  • Pack of fireworks
  • A dimension item pack, hand put together by Faratha! (No new items, but some existing ones!)

Second Place

  • A copy of the Hailol Wine Fountain
  • 10,000 credits
  • Pack of fireworks
  • A dimension item pack, hand put together by Faratha! (No new items, but some existing ones!)

Third Place

  • 5,000 credits
  • Pack of fireworks
  • A dimension item pack, hand put together by Faratha! (No new items, but some existing ones!)

Top 10 Winners

  • Title: The Party Animal

All Participants

  • Title: The Decorator




This is a complete theme competition, the entire Dimension will be taken into account however:

  • Innovation of the bar and dance area that  matches the theme is key
  • Authenticity to the theme and cultural integrity will be a priority
  • Attention to detail of the theme and actual bar, winery, distillery, ball room, cocktail lounge, restaurant, sports bar, cocktail lounge, private yacht, saloon, party, event, hall – just to name a few – is essential.
  • Rift is a family orientated game, everyone is encouraged to use theme discretion

We are so excited and cannot wait to party with you!!

 Official Rift Community Blog Post


Faeblight United Presents

Hosted By
The Nijem & Noctilucent


In honor of the holiday spooky season

a Dimension Decorating contest

has begun!

Get your creative juices flowing!

Prizes Available!
Click Here for more Details
Hello Faeblight!

   It is hard to believe that September is upon us already.  That said, we are two months away from the Extra Life 2013 event.  On Saturday November 2, 2013, gamers from all over the world will participate in a 25 hour marathon of playing video games while getting sponsors to donate an hourly rate for time played.  The donations received all go to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

   This year, FaeblightUnited wants to get involved.  Therefore, we are looking to have a team of as many gamers from our shard that are willing to take the challenge.  If you are interested in signing up to be a part of our FBU team, please send a site mail to Lady Myndera.  Our  team will be registered on Extra Life's website.  When you register for the event, be sure to join our team.  When submitting your entry, here is what you will need to provide:

1.  Name (Character)
2.  How long you've played video games
3.  How many years have you supported Extra Life via playing/donating
4.  Direct Link to your Extra Life donation page so we can link it on our list.

   That's it!  I am sure you are asking why is it important to join the FBU team for Extra Life this year.  I am glad you asked.  Because FBU will offer prizes to the top 3 earners on the team.  These prizes will be announced on October 2, 2013 when we list our registered team members.  For those who cannot handle the grind of 25 hours of game play, consider supporting our team with monetary donations.  We will be adding more information to the front page of the site as we get closer to the worldwide event.  We are excited to stand with the FBU community to raise money for a great cause.  I encourage all of you to get involved in some way.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lady Myndera

   The list is up on the left side of the page!  So far, we have a dozen team members playing for Faeblight United.  Each name on the team is linked to their individual donation page.  For those who want to donate, please click on a team member and donate.  The site goal is $1000, and at last check, we are over halfway!  Let's keep up the great work helping the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  

   There is an Extra Life 2013 forum also with others who are doing the event but are playing for other CMN Hospitals.  Please consider supporting them as well as we are all truly doing this for a great cause.

   Lastly, the prize listing for our top 3 earners!  Along with playing for a quality cause, our team wants to offer prizes for the top 3 earners on the Faeblight United team.  Here is the list:

1.  1,000 Platinum
2.  Rift Exchange Token - Rex
3.  Costume Set of your choice

Good Luck!

Hello Faeblighters!
   I wanted to take a moment to share just how thrilled I am to be on the Faeblight shard.  I (Lady Myndera) had the privilege to work with kiwi as a judge of her well organized competition.  There were 43 total dimensions submitted when all was said and done.  This competition even transcended the Atlantic Ocean as our EU friends were involved as well.  There was incredible design and creativity to be found in every dimension.
   I am proud of our shard as there were 14 submissions from Faeblight.  After watching the top 10 video, I can say that our shard is very well represented.  For those who are interested in knowing of the submissions and want to go visit them in game, here is a complete list of Faeblight's finest Arenas (not listed in any order of significance):
- Rivvka - RP Party Deck
- Shortee - Blood Sky Arena
- Dekkard - The Colosseum
- Spinach - The Grand Guignol
- Ergenekon - Smuggler's Den
- Lillein - Brawler's Arena
-   - Seek & Annihilate
- Mikajsa - Telaran Death Match
- Sri - Chaos Arena
- Hannonhellbringer - Faeblight Arena
- Yeuo - Unreal Arena
- Leileine - Westeros RP Arena
- Saiean - (HFC) Thanatos Arena
-Amity - Fortress of Eternal Llamas
   As always, our shard stands out with our RP community and this competition is direct evidence of that.  The judging continues throughout the week and on Friday during the twitch live stream, the final three (from all entrants across all shards) will be announced as well as the winner.  Keep your fingers crossed for those who have entered.
I want to thank everyone who's already entered the pvp dim contest! I know we'll have lots more when people finish building as well!
Primus is Tuesday this week! It will move back to Thursdays next week!
PvP dim contest on Faeblight! [link]
Primus is cancelled for the next two weeks, apologies! It will resume after this.
Primus tonight! See thread to give your opinion about trying out new pvp dim items! Should we use them, have teams? Stay with the original format? What do you guys think?! :)
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