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Reel it in during this mad month of May with more fancy for fishing to appease the RNG gods all over Telara with...

The REEL Fishing Flair Wardrobe Contest!
May 15th - May 29th!

The REEL Fishing Flair Wardrobe Contest!-2012-28.jpg

REEL Rewards & Judges!
Everyone's a winner with the new wardrobe system so to match this there will be:

Three First Prize Winners!

1 Rex
1 Demon Lords Helm
1 Dwarven Smithy's Googles

These will be chosen by Trion Worlds Devs Gingers, Vladd and Morticus!

Three Second Prize Winners!

1 Weapon Skin Your choice! (675 Credits)
1 Cape Your choice! (315 Credits)

These will be chosen by sponsors Khortish, Turntablist and Seonronpeth

Three Third Prize Winners!

1 Weapon Skin Your choice! (675 Credits)

These will be chosen by Kiwi

That's 9 winners minimum & YES you can enter more than once - See Rules below!

How to enter

Leave a screenshot below with a fishing appropriate caption and show us how YOU dress up to reel it in!

Maybe you have an actual real looking fishing outfit? Maybe you dress like a famous fish or fisher person? Maybe you match the zone you love to fish in most? Maybe you have thought of something brilliantly amusing while you fish for THAT elusive pole or lure?

Seven awesome people with different tastes that share a passion for Rift are ready to see what fishing fashion mayhem you can get up to!


  • You MUST be fishing in your screenshot
  • Please put your name & shard in your post with your screenshot.
  • 1 pic per post though you can post as many times as you want
  • Rift is rated T for teen please censure your captions & pics appropriately or they will be removed
  • Dress up your screenshot anyway you want- add a caption to tell your story BUT your wardrobe is the star!
  • This is for fun! Changes may occur at any time

Additional Info

  • Closing Day: May 29th 130PM PST NA
  • Winners: Will be posted in this thread by Monday June 1st 130pm PST & contacted via forums
  • Want to sponsor future wardrobe contests/offer additional prizes to this one?: Please PM Kiwi
  • Main Image Above: Features Demon Lords Helm
  • Sample Post Below: Features Dwarven Smithy Goggles & Contest Caption + Wardrobe.



01. Hroki @Typhiria
02. Baradara @Greybriar "Ms. Earhardt says the Ghar welcomed her with open arms...and a fishing pole."
03. Hroki @Typhiria
04. Kadeth "Polar Ursine."
05. McChaffee @Faeblight "Fishing in the Glade"
06. Baradara @Greybriar "Conquering the Plane of Water is Hard Work"
07. Baradara @Greybriar "I'll deal with you in just a second this might be the lure!"
08. Zaragotha @Faeblight "Teaching a Duck to Fish"
09. Onie @Laethys "Fishing Angel"


NEW contest: "Mars Attacks" dimension building contest (open to all shards!)

Hello all,

I am proud to introduce my first contest entitled 'Mars Attacks!' *ominous music plays*

For those of you who love classic or modern sci/fi tv or movies, this is your chance to show your devotion to this in combination with dimensions.

The idea of the contest is to create a scene of an alien attack. You can create a scene of attack while it's in progress OR after the attack, aka the aftermath. The choice is up to you!

which dimension? - any you want!
what item count? - any you want!

Well Mirt, you ask, are there any restrictions at all? There is only one guideline (as of now) that I can think of and that is to have fun and be creative!

I am breaking down the judging categories into small and large dimensions so that they are separate as that seems more fair to me.

Dimension over 1,000 items category or as I call it "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
1st prize - 2 Rex
2nd prize - 1 Rex
3rd prize - An assortment of 100 dimension items which won't all be stairs and building blocks ;)

Dimensions 1,000 items or under category or as I call it "The Truth is Out There"
1st prize - 2 rex
2nd prize - 1 rex
3rd prize - An assortment of 100 dimension items which won't all be stairs and building blocks ;)

The entries will be judged on the following criteria:
1) originality

2) creativity (This doesn't necessarily mean how well you can morph something, although morphing is fine too!)

3) Setting the scene - I want to walk into your dimension and feel like I have stepped into an in-progress alien attack or the aftermath of one

The judges for this contest will be:

When is this contest you ask?
It will begin on April 30 and end on June 15.

Please keep your dimension closed to the public until end of day June 15. The judging will be from June 16-June 22.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Please enter the contest by replying to this post with the following details:

Name of your toon that is building:
Dimension name where the build will be:
Shard that you are on:
Whether you are entering in the 1000 items or less category or the over 1000 category

Thank you all in advance and I can speak for myself and the judges when I say we are really looking forward to seeing what you sci/fi enthusiasts come up with in your builds!

Happy Building!


Get Up and Go Contest 


Holy crap, a gigantic mech!
Holy crap, a gigantic mech!

Get Up and Go!

Let’s leap into spring with a new dimension contest!

The Challenge:  Vehicles and their appropriate surroundings.  This includes planes, trains, automobiles, boats, spaceships, animal drawn conveyances, helicopters, motorcycles, bicycles and any other kind of vehicle creative brains can cook up!  The vehicles must have some sort of context, however.  For example, a race car ought to be on a track, or being towed, or being in other places race cars are likely to be.  Context helps.  A lot.  RIFT specific vehicular types will also be acceptable, as are military vehicles such as tanks and fighter jets.

The Catch:  No dimension or dimension item is off limits.  However, there’s always a catch or it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.  The end item limit is 2,000 items.

The Deadline:  Entries close at NOON PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), on Friday, 22 May, 2015. To find out what that means for you, here’s a time zone calculator.  Winners will be announced no later than Noon PDT on Friday, 29 May, 2015.

The Prizes:

1st Place:  15,000 credits

2nd Place:  10,000 credits

3rd Place:  5,000 credits

The Rules:

This contest is open for all players on all shards, NA and EU.

This contest is for personal dimensions only.  Guild dimensions will not be accepted.

One entry per person.

Collaborations are not permitted.

Pornographic entries or themes outside the game’s Teen rating will not be accepted.

This contest is for new dimension builds only.  Tearing down and rebuilding an existing dimension is, however, permitted.

PvP dimensions will be accepted, if they fall within the criteria of the contest.

All dimensions will remain closed to the public until the entry closing date of 22 May, 2015.  No entries will be accepted after that time.

All entered dimensions will have an end item limit of 2,000 items or less, or the entry will be disqualified.

Entries that are still closed after Noon PDT on Saturday, 23 May, 2015 will be disqualified.

This contest is sponsored by the Dimension Touring Co. fansite, with the assistance of Trion Worlds.  All correspondence will occur here and on the contest thread on main game forums.  Email entries will not be accepted, in game mail entries will not be accepted.

All entries must be made on the comment section of this thread.  Do NOT include screenshots of your entry.  Entries received via the main RIFT forums will not be accepted.

Vehicles inspired by movies or other sources should have the source of inspiration given with the entry.  Vehicles inspired by imagination should annotate such.  Animal drawn conveyances should have animals included (otherwise, you’re going nowhere fast…)

To Enter:

Entries should follow this format:

Name:  Baradara

Shard:  Greybriar

Entry:  Hail to the King, Baby

My entry is inspired by the Oldsmobile used in Army of Darkness to fight the army of the Deadites when they attack Lord Arthur’s castle.

Descriptions should be brief.  When verifying existing vehicles, my judges and I do need, however, a point of reference so we can do appropriate research for accuracy.

After the entry closing date, all dimensions can be advertised as normal.

Judging Criteria:

All criteria will be measured on a point scale, from 1-10  per category.  The highest overall score, without averages between judges, will win the first place prize, with the highest possible score being 60.  Next highest scoring will win second and third place prizes.  Ties, if any, will be broken by a majority vote between judges.  There will be five total judges of the entries.

Explanatory comments in italics are only meant as examples of what the judges and I are looking for, for additional clarity.

Accuracy of the vehicle(s)Can I drive, fly, or otherwise steer it?  Does it have wheels if it’s supposed to?

For character and animal morphs included with vehicles, realism counts.  Fictional or fantasy animals should have a description included in the entry as to what it is.  A purple and pink unicorn is perfectly fine…so long as we can tell it’s a unicorn and it was noted in the entry.

Structural quality.  This is not just for vehicles but for any additional structures.  There shouldn’t be mismatches, flicker, crooked walls (unless that’s an intended effect), or stairs that snag and catch.  If you wouldn’t buy a car with a big dent and mismatched panels, it may be advised to not build one that way, either.

Attention to Detail.  The little things do count, like handles, steering wheels, pedals, a dashboard or some way of controlling the vehicle, and hatch hinges.  I bet that tank would rock someone’s world…if I could just get in the hatch with no handle.

Proportion.  Proportion goes along with realism and accuracy.  This race car is sized for the Jolly Green Giant…sadly, it’s on a Hot Wheel sized track.

The Surroundings.  The surroundings should be appropriate to the vehicles.  Oh, look, a wheeled truck in the watery part of Moonriven Breach…wait a second…

There will be no bonus points awarded for this contest.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions.  I would hate for an entry to get disqualified simply because someone didn’t understand the rules, the criteria, or both.

I understand real life is important.  If you need some flexibility in opening your entry, let me (Feendish) know.  A dimension that needs to open a few hours early or late due to work, school, or whatever is perfectly fine if there’s communication.

The only stupid question is the one that didn’t get asked.

Happy Building!

Character Sketch/Drawing Giveaway in Star's art thread here!

Carnivale Celebration Rex Giveaway!

Sponsored by Kiwi, fan site operator of Riftdreamdimensions.com!

It's finally here and Dimensioneers will be itching to get there bounce on!

To celebrate the event many of us look forward to for all those wicked dimension, costume & pet items PLUS everything else I am giving away the following:

EU & NA - 1 Rex

How to enter

Leave a screenshot here, at the Rift forums, link, showing us how YOU celebrate Carnivale!

Maybe bouncing balloons with a bunch of bouncers? Maybe in your dimension surrounded by Carnivale Dimension items? Maybe doing Codex, Carnivale dressed to kill or doing other awesome Rift content on a Carnivale mount ready to conquer?

The most vibrant, fun, Carnivale crazy cool screenshot wins

1 pic per post though you can post as many times as you want.
Please put your name & shard in your post with your screenshot if it is not in your tag.
Please put name of dimension & shard if you do a Carnivale dimension screenshot.
This is for fun! Changes may occur at any time. PM me if interested in contributing thank you!

Extra Prize

NA only - 400 World Event & Rarer Dimension items

View-able on Kiwidream @Greybriar "Carnivale Celebration Giveaway!"
Sorry EU I do not have the items on your cluster.

Additional Info

Closing Day: March 15th 330PM PST NA.
Extra Prize: Another screenshot chosen from NA. (Two winners in total)
Winners: Will be posted in this thread by 12pm PST next day & contacted via forums.

How to post screenshots on forums

Winners & random screenshots may also be tweeted out @Twitter
Happy Carnivale all!