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The Cosmic Wino bar and fight club is open tonight at 6 server!
The site has been revamped for more efficiency and less cost! The only change needed was to take the guild pages to a forum!
in response to my last shout... not sure how to post a thread xD help plox! xD
Looking for hardcore dimensioneers to work on a huge project, putting a post in the Dims section on the forums, look there if interested.
New open world rp suggestions on the schedule! It's a big world, I hope this helps us come together more often!
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!

Rift Dream Dimensions website is providing an opportunity for the Rift community to highlight videos, art/creations & blogs so we can encourage those who do these extras to enhance our game!

See more at http://riftdreamdimensions.com/?p=8145


We look forward to seeing anything submitted by our creative faeblight community!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the shardwide story arc and made it fun and successful! It was great to have rp'ers from all over interacting and meeting people they may not have otherwise met, and to see the character development that occurred from the campaign. Until next time, I'll catch you all on Telara! Happy Gaming!

(If anyone has an idea for future shardwide arcs, or needs help/players with personal or guild arcs, please send me an enjin mail!)